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Rochambeau Chapter - Membership

Rochambeau Chapter - Membership
As of July 31, 2012, the Rochambeau Chapter  counts 165 members residing in France, Europe, and North America.
Membership formalities:

General enquiries:

General conditions of admission:

As an affiliated association of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR), the Rochambeau Chapter applies the rules and procedures defined by the NSDAR.  Detailed information is available on the NSDAR web site:

 Any woman is eligible for membership in the NSDAR who is not less than 18 years of age and is descended from a man or woman who, with unfailing loyalty to the cause of American Independence (1775-1783), served as a sailor or a soldier or civil officer in the several Colonies or States, or in the United Colonies or States, or is a recognized patriot, or rendered material aid thereto.

New membership application procedure:

1. Interested prospective members are invited to submit a brief letter of motivation to the attention of the Regent of the Rochambeau Chapter:

2. The prospective member's request is then recorded by the Chapter Registrar who contacts the candidate directly.

3. The prospective candidate's request is submitted by the Registrar to the other Chapter Board members, for preliminiary review and approval.

4. Under the guidance of the Registrar, the prospective member gathers together all necessary information to complete the NSDAR application file, including copies of historical documents proving direct affiliation to the ancestor.

5. The candidate is invited by the Registrar to present herself to Chapter members at a regular Chapter meeting.

6. At the next Chapter meeting following the candidate's presentation, her application request is formally submitted to Chapter members for vote, by written ballot. The Registrar informs the candidate of the result of the Chapter vote.

7. The application papers, once completed and checked by the Chapter Registrar, are sent to the Chapter Regent for transmission to the NSDAR in Washington, D.C. who is responsable for the final review, approval, and official processing of the application.

8. Once the new membership application has been formally approved by the NSDAR, a permanent official NSDAR number is assigned.  The NSDAR sends a membership certificate to the newly-admitted member.

9. The Chapter Regent and Registrar send a welcome note to the new member; a chapter membership card is also sent to her.


Other membership requests:

Requests concerning the reinstatement of former active NSDAR members; the "transfer-in" from other NSDAR chapters to the Rochambeau Chapter; the "transfer-out" from the Rochambeau Chapter to other NSDAR chapters, etc. may be sent directly to the Chapter Registrar at the general membership enquiries address above.

Associate Membership formalities :

General associate membership enquiries:

General conditions of admission (associate members):

Associate membership concerns women who are already active members of other NSDAR chapters in the world and who are interested in forming ties of friendship with the Rochambeau Chapter in France.

Once associate membership has been established, formally, according to the procedure below, membership can be renewed annually at the discretion of the associate member.

Application procedure for new associate members:

1. Interested associate applicants are invited to submit their requests using the form provided below; confirmation will be sent to the applicant upon receipt.

2. The associate application is formally submitted to Chapter members for vote, by written ballot, at the next scheduled regular Chapter meeting following receipt of the candidate's application.

3. Following the vote, the Chapter Regent sends a word of welcome to the new associate member.


Other associate membership requests:

The form provided below can also be used for :

- annual dues renewal;
- reinstatement requests from former associate members;
- notification of any changes concerning: name, postal or e-mail address, telephone, etc.

All other requests can be sent to the general associate membership enquiries address above.

Associate membership form (download)

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