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The NSDAR in France – Monuments & Landmarks (download)

Because of the close, historical ties between the United States and France, going back to the American War of Independence (1775-1683), there are many landmarks in France celebrating French-American friendship – and many excellent guides covering them.

But some of these monuments have a special meaning for the Daughters of the American Revolution, who have been present in France for over a century. In some cases, the National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) has directly contributed to their funding. 

Other landmarks have been "adopted" by the Rochambeau Chapter, since its creation in 1934, as places where its members gather to pay tribute to the long-lasting French-American friendship which unites them in their common heritage and unique bi-cultural tradition.

This guide to NSDAR monuments and landmarks in France is presented by the Rochambeau  Chapter as part of its "Open Hospitality" initiative to promote bi-cultural exchanges between its members, associate members and other NSDAR members, direct descendants of French or American patriot ancestors who fought for the cause of American independence.  We invite you to check how this document is protected under copyright laws. [REFERENCES]

We have tried to be exhaustive, but other NSDAR landmarks in France may have escaped our attention – please let us know of any other information relevant for this project (

Enjoy your visits !


The Rochambeau Chapter is an affiliated member association of the National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, Washington, D.C., organized in France as a non-profit association (association régie par la loi de 1901).
This guide is based on public information, available in particular on the internet, and on private sources linked to the history of the Rochambeau Chapter and of the NSDAR in France.

Prepared by members of the Rochambeau Chapter for private, non-commercial purposes, it is meant for the sole use of members of the NSDAR. The content does not commit anyone but the Rochambeau Chapter and cannot be attributed to the NSDAR. It is covered in France by the code de la propriété intellectuelle. No part of this presentation may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, photographic or mechanical. Basis for maps by Google Maps.

Credits for pictures as follows.

  • page 3: printable map of Paris' arrondissements downloadable on the website of Paris Digest (
  • page 5: statue of Washington and La Fayette – credit Siren-Com / Wikimedia Commons
  • page 8: Liberty Tree square Thomas Jefferson, commemorative tablet – credit Wikimedia Commons
  • page 9: statue of George Washington – © 2007 David Monniaux / Wikimedia Commons
  • page 12: American Cathedral, general view – by courtesy of the American Cathedral, © The American Cathedral in Paris, all rights reserved
  • page 13: cimetière of Picpus | general view: credit LPLT / Wikimedia Commons – tomb of General La Fayette: by courtesy of the author, credit Soundlandscapes /, all rights reserved
  • page 14: Jefferson | statue: credit Luu / Wikimedia Commons – hôtel de Salm: credit TCY / Wikimedia Commons
  • page 16: La Fayette Escadrille Memorial, general view of the memorial and Memorial Day ceremony on 26 May 2012 – by courtesy of SIRPA AIR, © R. Nicolas-Nelson / Armée de l'air, all rights reserved
  • page 17: Suresnes American Cemetery and Memorial – credit copyleft / Wikimedia Commons
  • page 20: Tilloloy NSDAR fountain – by courtesy of the author, © tous droits réservés par Berpiet, all rights reserved
  • page 22: French-American museum of the château of Blérancourt | pavillon: credit Marius Tielen /, licence – jardins: credit Szeder László / Wikimedia Commons

All other pictures © 2014 DAR ROCHAMBEAU CHAPTER, all rights reserved.

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